Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not a crab...but....

More and more each day I’m realizing how much I really enjoy being alone. As much as I like going out, I have started to like my Saturday nights at home with a bottle of wine, watching Britcoms on public television. How boring am I? Is it that the nightclub scene here in Augusta is played out? Part of me wonders if I’ll go through another “wild” phase once I have moved out and lost some weight (which, by the way, is going quite well). Maybe the reason I haven’t gone out much is because of the money. No, not maybe, that’s DEFINITELY part of it. Buying a bottle of wine is definitely much cheaper than buying a few cocktails at a club, especially the ones that are worth anything, and I get a much more comfortable buzz.
And on the subject of being alone. I love it. Yeah, I’m pathetic. I really do love it though. I have no one to whom I must answer, I don’t have to worry about whether someone needs me or not or if it’s only a lie. I don’t have to consider the possibility of someone cheating. There’s no way I could get hurt. I won’t have to think about whether someone appreciates what I do, and be upset when they don’t. Friends are fine, but a relationship is more work than I want.
Shit. I’m a hermit.