Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nicaragua: Day Two

It's the second day of the hostile takeover. Needless to say, it's been thoroughly exhausting. It's like re-learning everything that's been drilled into my brain for the last four to five months. What I'm most afraid of is the corporate people not liking me, or finding out what I've been fearing and avoiding for the last, well, four to five months: I'm no good at this. I'm praying that they won't hold the fact that I suck at this against me and just assume I wasn't taught well. All I can do for now is keep the trepidation to myself, show a good attitude, and keep moving forward, since it IS my job (for now).
I still don't know the exact reason for the managerial removal. I guess that it's mainly because the property wasn't moving in the direction that they owners wanted it to go, and they didn't feel the person in place was doing what was necessary. Well, obviously, since there were shootings and all. The thing is, with the rental rates being what they are, the kind of people that are attracted aren't the best kind. (There's a statement that's got to break at least one Fair Housing rule.) We'll see. So far, it's OK, just crazy.
On a less-stressful note, I'm off tomorrow, and indulging in a day at the spa, thanks to my Economic Stimulus check. And I don't think I'll answer the phone until I return to work on Thursday.