Monday, February 18, 2008


I think I'm way past my due date for a good week. Last week positively sucked, so please, please God let this week get better.....

.....I don't think God is getting my message. I blame technology.

For those of you that may wonder if the MBFW situation has gotten any better: it hasn't. I have yet to receive a phone call or even a text in response to my "Are you already married" question. Nice. I'm not as fired up about it as I was, although it does still upset me, but now I am just trying to figure out how long it might be before I feel like speaking to her again or having any contact. I don't even feel like telling her I'm no longer interested in being a part of the whole thing. At some point I know I have to say something, somehow. I'm thinking a telegram. Delivered by a guy in a uniform who leaves a black sedan parked on the curb. People, like my mom, Queen of Compassion (I have no clue how she does it), tell me not to let one bad instance spoil a ten-year friendship, but it's not just this one situation! It's several instances that just built up to making this one big whammy. Even my GRANDMOTHER has my back! My Uncle Freddy left me a voicemail saying I should feel bad for her fiance (all I could think was, well, yeah, he is being deployed), but his reasoning was that I should feel bad because he'd chosen to spend his life with such a selfish person. My mother also mentioned to her mother how hurt I was. I'm trying to be rational since the circumstances for her early marriage are not so great, and believe me, I understand (and even expected) this happening. But she has had at least five days to get back to me, even with a quick message, and she hasn't. And do I really want to back out of the wedding? I don't know if I want to be part of something where I am consciously left out of the loop and taken for granted. I didn't even send her a birthday invitation, even though it would have only been out of courtesy, since she isn't in town. Hmmmm....courtesy....there's that idea again.

In other news.....

There is a man where I work, one of our residents, who is certifiably crazy. And I mean that "certifiably" part literally. He has papers. He gives me the heebie-jeebies. I'm used to working around crazy people (Hell-o, Mrs. Jacobs!) But the thing with this guy is he is constantly upset. I see him walking up the sidewalk while I'm driving and I turn the other way so he can't see me and know my car. Every time he comes into the office he has something to complain about, and he makes threats. They're the kind of threats that get someone thrown in jail, or at least call for a restraining order. I don't know that he's ever acted on these threats, but I'm afraid of when he does.