Thursday, July 17, 2008

Does it take a fall?

Trust is a funny thing. One would think it was more cut-and-dry than this. Someone lies to you, one way or another, and that's it. You can't trust them at all. Once you get away from them, you'd think you could start anew. Clean slate. Carte blanche. But no, sometimes the damage is so bad that it carries over with new people. Can you learn to trust again on your own? Is that possible? Or do you always need someone else to show you how? Can you wake up one morning and just decide, "OK, I'm good," and let someone in to your heart? Or will someone always pay, in one way or another, for someone else's mistakes?


Anonymous said...

trust won't be immediate, even if it's not that person's faults that caused the distrust. you can't wake up one day and say, "okay, I'm good," but you can wake up one day and say, "okay, I'll try."

a little distrust is a good thing, but only when you recognize it, and try to work through it with people that haven't proved themselves untrustworthy.