Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So it's not me it's...him?

Actually, it's HER. I don't even know her, but I am sure plenty of other women have met her or had to deal with her: The Ex-Girlfriend. We've also all been her at some point. I sure know I have. Yet until you're seeing it as "the New Girl" with someone you really, really like, you don't really think about it. I could tell something was wrong. Call it a hunch, call it "woman's intuition," call it whatever you want. I just say it's self-education after years of developed disinterest. And this time I wasn't wrong, just slightly off the mark. (Still...not wrong...just go with it...) It's not that he's lost interest in me; he's still just as interested as he always has been (at least I hope so!). It's just that she keeps on calling him and it's frustrating him. I begin to wonder, "Was I ever that girl?" With a wave of embarrassment I realize that yes, I was that girl, albeit with only one guy (and he deserved it). One never realizes the effect they can have on others involved rather than just the intended individual. Now all I'm praying is that she'll wise up and do what I did: move on and go away.