Saturday, January 31, 2009

Breaking Away

Many of you know that I'm here in Washington, DC. In a way, it's a vacation, in the sense that I'm away from home and am not working. On the other hand, I'm here looking for work. I'm really trying to see how life is here, and if I can do it. If anything, I've learned it's expensive. But I have figured out so much more than the money. I love it here. For the first time in years, I feel like I truly belong somewhere. I've been in Augusta for so long I don't know what it's like being somewhere else. I didn't leave for college. I didn't even move out. But I need to. I'm closing in on 26 years, for god's sakes. I really think that if I discipline myself I can make it here.
One of the hardest things was putting my resume out there. I couldn't shake the feeling that somehow what I have to offer wasn't good enough on paper. A friend of mine made an excellent point that I needed to "market" my skills as opposed to just listing them. Without him, I think I wouldn't have applied to anything. Also, I signed up for a job searcher that deals specifically on Capitol Hill. For shits and giggles, I even started looking at apartments. They say that in order to truly get things done one must be proactive. Unfortunately I have long lived with the belief that whenever I get too excited or prepare too much for things, something doesn't work out. Is it my thinking that's flawed? Or my crap luck? Either way, I'm still going for it here.
I love Washington, DC. The culture, the food, the history...I love being able to walk places. I want to only drive if I have to or want to. I'm also lucky that my closest friend lives here. i think she would keep me from feeling entirely lost or homesick. I also have family in the Northern Virginia area.
I want somewhere I can make my own. All I need is a job, and some more money.
Feeling like you belong is a wonderful feeling...


Anonymous said...

Hey Kathleen.

This is Jessie commenting on your blog. I like it! Hope you're having fun in DC.

Blog away!

Norm and Fern said...

I'm sure it will all work out... just think in DC you will have 7 channels to chose from in order to answer the question "what novel should I watch next?"
I'm sure that's top on your priority list.
Good luck!!