Wednesday, July 4, 2007


After showering before work this morning, I noticed a little extra curve starting to make its way around my midsection and there and then I made a decision: ENOUGH! I wasn't about to let myself get any bigger. I always tend to procrastinate and find a reason not to exercise, but now I really have nothing to do but work. So, here we go. I worked and busted my ass for 8 hours today at work, and ate well. I didn't know what I was going to do about exercise, but opportunity presented itself in a friendly form. As I was getting a pedicure with my friend Randa, she mentioned she was going to the gym and to her bellydance class after she left the salon. She has been trying to get me to go with her for months now, and since I had school I never had time. I thought to myself, "What's stopping me?" I went to the class with her and had a great time! I'll be joining the gym tomorrow and going to that class regularly, as well as one of the other classes they offer. Aside from that, it's a 24-hour facility, so I can go anytime. I sweated and danced like crazy, and I can't remember when I've had a better time. The only thing is, the walls are lined with mirrors, so I have to look at my fat ass jiggling all over that place. (Bonus: I do look extremely TAN!) But, that I can deal with. Maybe I'll see myself getting smaller. Here we go! Feel free to encourage me, lord knows I'll need it...


Celia the Great said...

yes of course i'll get one for you! i wanted one for myself, so if i see one, i'll pick one up! i saw a few that looked like what you described, but i wasn't sure if they'd work on a car? i'll talk to one of the sales people and see. and no repayment necessary! you've been a great friend through this whole trip, it's the least i can do! have a good summer and i'll be back soon!