Sunday, July 8, 2007

On the Menu...

Okay, since I have been spending my time reading and watching plenty of Food Network programming (and, since it's Saturday night, Britcoms), I haven't been able to think about much other than food. I haven't been eating, just thinking about food. And I've come up with a few menus. I love cooking for friends, even though I get a little panicky. Anyone want to come over? I may not be able to get around, but man, have I got some tasty ideas.

*Filet Mignon in a Wild Mushroom and Red Wine reduction
Served over sauteed organic baby spinach
With Yukon potato wedges sprinkled with paprika, sea salt and pepper
Dessert: Lemon Sorbet with fresh mint
Appetizer: French baguette with boursin and brie

*Grated Potato Encrusted Halibut
Steamed Broccoli Raab and white wine-braised yellow squash
seasoned with garlic, fennel, and pepper
Dessert: Chilled watermelon
Appetizer: Goat cheese slices coated in spicy and sweet toasted almonds
served over mixed baby greens

*Italian Sausage with peppers and onions on grilled Italian bread
topped with smoked Provolone
Served with a salad of mixed greens, grape tomatoes, red onion, olives,
and cucumber tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette
Dessert: Bavarian Apple-Almond Torte
Appetizer: Wheat Bruschetta topped with pesto and grated Romano

*Pork Medallions in a dried cherry sauce
Served with whipped sweet potatoes
Grilled baby asparagus
Dessert: Chocolate cake topped with amaretto-infused whipped cream
and fresh raspberries
Appetizer: Pecan-encrusted baked Brie and Granny Smith apple slices

Okay, now I'm hungry....damn.


Shannon said...

Have you ever thought of becoming a chef? Damn, girl! I'm hungry!!

Celia the Great said...

yo, Chums, sorry to hear about your gimp knee!! but i know you, you'll be back in no time. ;) anywho, send me your address when you get the chance so i can drop your cool sticker in the mail! love you and hope you feel better! (ps. the 'menu' proposed made me drool... sounds fabulous!)