Saturday, July 7, 2007

Laid up

Okay, so I am suffering from (here it comes, the official medical term) a subluxation of the patella. (Translation: I fucked up my kneecap.) It slid way out of place, pulling the muscle with it. Apparently everyone's kneecaps (that's right....ALL OF 'EM!) fit into a groove, and mine is shallow. Something I did knocked it out of place RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DANCE FLOOR at Modjeska. I fell to the floor, although I am under the assumption that someone either helped me down or my ginormous ass cushioned my fall so nicely I didn't even notice. While I was writhing on the floor and trying to convince the nice bouncers not to call an ambulance, one of the friends I was with slipped me back into place, making it okay for me to get up and hobble out. And I wasn't even drunk!
After quite a bit of crying and utter embarrassment, I made it home and then to an urgent care facility, where a doctor told me it was just pulled, and that the worst thing that could have happened was a few torn fibers. I can't work until mid-next week, and I have to stay with it elevated, with occasional exercise until I can walk decently. So here I am, with nothing to do but read, watch TV, and check my MySpace until I have to use the bathroom or get hungry. Fortunately, I am making it without crutches around the house. However, both Heidi and my parents think I am "rushing it." I just don't like not being in control.