Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Outsider's Report: Par Three - Excuse Me, Ma'am, Your Age Is Showing...

On the Wednesday of Masters Week, the traditional Par Three Shootout is held. This year, Rory Sabbatini won. I don't know exactly what it is that he won, but he won. Well done! Even more inportantly, Wednesday night is the Par Three Party. I have never been before, even though I have gone out quite a bit in years past. But last night I did, since I hope this will be my last Masters Week in Augusta for quite some time. And last year, my friend Rachael and I had such a good time, we couldn't pass it up. We met so many interesting men, and hardly paid for any of our own drinks to boot! So, why not? Last night, however, I realized something. I'm old. Well, not necessarily old, but too old for the whole bar/club scene. It's one thing if I'm there with a bunch of people, but last night, Rachael and I figured out that we've just matured. Sigh. And today I was exhausted. That being said, I'm ending this entry early and going to bed. More to come tomorrow, and more photos.