Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Drugs! Give me drugs!

No gym for me tonight. Over the last two weeks, at least, the pine trees have been exploding with pollen. And thus far it hadn't really knocked me down. But now, everything else seems to be blooming. Aside from that, I live on 4.25 of mostly good ol' Georgia pines. With the occasional sniffle now turning into full blown leakage (yeah, I know, but I couldn't think of a better way to say it), and a migraine pinning me to a prone position, I took a night off of the gym. I know sometimes working out can make it better, but I really didn't feel like risking making it worse. However, I am NOT going to let this put me in a slump. That's my biggest fear: one night I'll stop and just feel so slack and not go back. I'm going tomorrow night, come hell or high water.
As for my classes, I'm supposed to have Zumba tomorrow night and then BellyRox on Thursday. It'll be my first time at BellyRox, so we'll see how that goes. And I'm definitely going salsa dancing Friday night, if there are any takers...?
I'm really wishing I hadn't bought the non-drowsy version of Claritin-D.


Ashley said...

ugh, i freaking HATE allergies. mine have luckily been kinder to me this year than most and haven't been too bad. but now that i've said that, they'll hit me tomorrow. My favorite anti-plant sperm med is Drixoral. It's one of those that's over the counter, but you have to buy from the pharmacist because people go home and make X with it. good stuff that Drixoral.

And don't feel bad about the gym, it's good to let your body rest anyway. I ran for an hour tonight, a whole freaking hour, then got some healthy dinner, then threw it all up 15 minutes later. I should have taken it easier, and I would have actually digested more of my food. Aren't you glad to know that?

Ashley said...

and no, i'm not engaged (i wish! oh god, did i really just say that?). 'twas just a bit of april fool's day humor that turned out to be not all that funny.

enrique said...

I ...can't