Monday, May 19, 2008


Bourdain is a genius. A bullshit-free wordsmith, a laid-back badass. The person I could never be, but whose trail I am more than eagerly following. Not to mention sexy as hell, and totally not my type. Most of the places to which he travels I wouldn't go myself, but I feel like he brings them to me through his writing and his televised experiences.
What's all this about? Well, I found an episode of "No Reservations" I haven't seen yet. God bless the Travel Channel.
Enough waxing poetic.

I've been doing well with my workouts. I'm finally starting to see a few changes in my body. I'm eating better, and less. My only thing is, I seem to find days in the week that I just don't want to work out (other than the weekends). In fact, I'm more likely to go work out on a Saturday or Sunday than, say, a Monday. I want to, just for one week, to go five days in a row. I've discovered how much I like swimming, and that it seems to give me a good workout in less time than just doing the treadmill and weights.
And another discovery: Healthy Choice Meals. Not too bad. Not entirely devoid of taste, but they do the trick and keep me from eating alot of crap. The Beef Merlot in the "Cafe Steamer" variety was actually pretty damn good, and almost too much food! My friends always tell me that it surprises them just how little I really do eat. I don't know whether that's like a veiled insult or not. ("Geez, you look like you would eat so much more! Like, a whole buffet, perhaps? You sure you don't want more?") It doesn't take much to get me full, and trust me, it SUCKS. I love food. I wish I could eat more. But that would be totally counterproductive. Rats.


enrique said...

I think you're beautiful just the way you are.

I'm glad you're enjoying the workouts and the improved lifestyle. Keep it up!

Ashley said...

you know, i've never once watched a bourdain show. I think i'm missing out.

and yeah, it's small, but for Oxford, it's actually a reasonable price and size. The space is managed well, too, so it's better than it sounds. :o)