Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And the Saga continues...

I'm thinking that there's so much going on at work, I should just make it into a epic tale. A Tale of Woe, if you will...well, sort of. And I'll give it a title. Something like, "The Adventures and Misadventures of PostGrad in an Uneducated World." Nice ring, don't you think?

Chapter One: PostGrad the Enforcer
It's summertime, and the kiddies are out of school. What to do, what to do? I know! Let's go up to the leasing office and play with the water cooler! I know that a plague of summer vacation can often be chronic boredom. But with everything that's on TV, and the boundless capacities of a child's imagination, shouldn't one be able to find something to do? However, since parents here are nothing like what they used to be and seem to take no interest in what their children do, even though they may be sitting at home collecting a check (and dust), we've had to institute a rule that no child can be in the office without a parent. No more free cookies, no more water cooler games. I actually saw a kid trying to steal twenty four teabags from the coffee bar, not realizing I had a perfect view of what he was doing. I just want to scream, "Where are your parents? GO HOME!"
Then, later this afternoon, as I was walking a key over to the other side of the property, I hear someone's sound system blasting the music out. How generous of this individual, I think, to share his or her music with the better part of the CSRA! This, however, is not a nightclub. I walk over to the car, tap on the window, and kindly ask the guy to turn the music down, telling him that this was "a residential area." God, that felt good.
What have we learned from all this? Give PostGrad a little power, she becomes a Nazi.