Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For a Loop

I don't know what is going on. Maybe it's something in the air, maybe it's the moon. I don't get it, but two men hit on me tonight, and then some! No, I wasn't molested, and no, I didn't get any action. Sorry to disappoint y'all. But all the same...holy shit!
I am used to flirting; that's normal social interaction. I am NOT, however, accustomed to men hitting on me, asking for my number, and trying to get in my pants. What happened? Well, first, I went to a restaurant this evening with my parents for dinner, which was really nice, and on my way out, I saw an older man at the bar with whom I used to work way back when I was 16. Now, if he's not 50 yet, he almost is, and he was kind of like a nice uncle when I worked with him at the Deli. I always make an effort to say hi to people I know when I'm out, and he is no exception. Tonight, though, I thought he might kiss me! With my mom right there! It was like finding out the Olsen twins had turned 18....fair game! My next move I still don't quite understand, and I kind of regret it, but I rolled down my window and said goodbye as I saw him walking to his car. He approached, (I should have driven off!) and asked for my phone number! Believe me this, the turn off is not that he is a good deal older, but that I still feel like the 16 year-old hostess that I was when we first met around him. It creeps me out! It would be the same if one of my former teachers asked me out.
The second occasion was a flat out booty call. I had been friends with this one guy for a little while and we kind of lost touch, and when I saw him again last weekend, I couldn't for the life of me remember why. Now I do. I gave him my phone number, and tonight he called me, asking what I was doing tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, it is the middle of the week, and he called after 8:00 p.m. without any particular plan, asking me what I was doing for the rest of the night. Sounds an awful lot like, "Come over and let's have sex" to me. Unless someone calls with something specific like, "Let's go see a movie" or "Would you like to go get dinner?" no one except those with whom you hang out on a regular basis can, without sexual motive, ask to "hang out." Does that make sense? Am I being silly? I pretty much put my "casual sex" self up on the shelf in 2006, and just am not into sleeping around anymore. It's just not me. I'd really like for it to mean something. So hey, if you ask me, and I say no, it doesn't mean I don't like you, it's just that I don't want to have sex. Capisce? I did politely decline his offer, saying I had alot to do tomorrow and was very tired (not a total lie). Still, the very idea of a booty call just turns me off.

The "and then some" factor? Well, you'll just have to ask me for that one. But it was very nice.

I have tomorrow off. Perhaps I'll blog a little more when I'm not sleepy.


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