Wednesday, January 9, 2008

MBFW = My Best Friend's Wedding

OK, so I'm on my first bit of DiSaronno for the evening, just to mellow out. Thanks to those of you who offered advice on the whole MBFW issue. But it's not over just yet. In fact, I know for certain that it won't be over until she leaves for her honeymoon. I love my best friend dearly. She's like a little sister, and we've been friends for ten years now, which is the longest relationship I've had with anyone, short of my parents. But my goodness, she has her expectations. I understand that a wedding is supposed to be that special day, and you should get things like you want them. But I have a feeling they are going to come at a crazy expense, and I don't really mean monetarily. At least not for her...well, maybe not. I'm trying to be obliging and do what she wants, but I tend to do this alot and get screwed frequently in that department. My biggest issue right now is, what do I do if I can't hold the shower at one of her relatives' homes? Can anyone suggest any ideas for an inexpensive (and tasteful) place to hold it? I'm praying she doesn't turn into a Bridezilla, but I did witness her Senior Prom FlipOut, and am still scarred.
Also, as psyched as I am to lose the weight, does anyone find it slightly odd, maybe rude even, that she bought my dress THREE sizes too small? Not one, by mistake, not two, because that was all they had, but THREE sizes too small????

I have a feeling this bottle isn't going to last me long....