Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So far, so fantastic....

As many of you know, today was my first day of my first full-time job. Forty-hour work weeks, here I come! I started my training as a leasing consultant/agent off by being a mystery shopper. I was given an apartment guide and five different apartment complexes to contact via email, telephone, and in person, as if I were looking to lease. It was pretty interesting, actually. By asking my own questions, I got a feel for what people might be asking me, and how to answer them. I'm not quite sure if I can base my entire future experience here on this one day or not, but so far I like it. I pretty much jumped right in when I got there. I was standing by the door to my supervisor's office, waiting to speak with her, and I hear " Spanish?" from an office behind me, so I craned my neck back and mouthed, "You want me to get that?" The woman was my assistant manager, and she emphatically nodded and thrust the phone at me. After helping the tenant on the phone and in person, I was able to get a feel for the Hispanic tenants we do have. I also got an idea to help them in some way to learn to speak English, which led into my boss suggesting I teach an English course for the residents, which would be something our development would have that no other complex does. I'd rather find some university student who actually wants to teach for a living, but whatever I can do, I'll do it, even if all I can do is post fliers or a note in the newsletter about somewhere that does offer English classes. I wonder what I'll be doing tomorrow?
This may not be what I do forever, but for once I feel like my life is coming together.